Saturday, July 20, 2013

When Did Hurricane Katrina Hit

Hurricane Katrina is one of the five deadliest hurricanes in United States history. Severe loss of life and heaps of property damage occurred in New Orleans. It is estimated that Hurricane Katrina caused more than $US81 billion in damage. This article will answer the question when did Hurricane Katrina hit and also look at four interesting facts about Hurricane Katrina.
When Did Hurricane Katrina Hit
Katrina was first upgraded to Tropical Storm status on August 24, 2005, and it was given its name. It only just make it to a category one hurricane before it crossed the coast of Florida early morning August 25. Katrina weakened over land and was below Hurricane intensity for a few hours. However, it quickly redeveloped into a hurricane when it entered the Gulf of Mexico. On the 27th of August, Hurricane Katrina hit category three and it actually reached category five intensity the next day. Fortunately, Katrina weakened a little before it hit the coast. In the early hours of August 28, Katrina hit the coast as a category three hurricane near Buras-Triumph, Louisiana. Katrina then went back over the sea for a few hours before it made its third and final cross over land as a hurricane near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Hurricane Katrina maintained hurricane intensity well into Mississippi. So now you know when Hurricane Katrina hit. Now let’s look at four facts about Hurricane Katrina.
Four Facts about Hurricane Katrina
Fact 1: The official death toll of Hurricane Katrina stands at 1,836. However, there are still 705 people classified as missing.
Fact 2: In New Orleans, the flood protection system failed in more than 50 places. This caused the mass flooding associated with Katrina.
Fact 3: Due to the severity of the hurricane, the name Katrina was officially retired by the World Meteorological Organization. It was replaced by Katia.
Fact 4: Over $US 4 billion dollars has been raised through public donations to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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